Kerstin's photojourney

By kerstinsphotos

the joy of "sweets" is over....

yes - just captured those "Berliner" to remember how good and yummy they were - from today on I will control my eating again as I was "out of order" the last weeks - regarding eating....
The "bad" thing is that we are away for skiing the next week and you know after a whole day outside and sliding down the slopes I am really really hungry in the evening (I normally don't eat much in the evening) - so pizza and pasta is on its way.... but think after the next week I really have to join my scale on a regular basis again and - have to control my eating.... so for now I enjoy looking at the "Krapfen - Berliner - Doghnuts" and remember how good they were - all gone :))) not just by me I want to make clear

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