Constant Exposure

By constant

Whoa, Nelly - Part 2

I wouldn't normally blip equipment but I couldn't resist blipping my blip for today while it is still in Lightroom. The reason? I just got a new 24" monitor to replace my old 20" one and I want to show it off. The new monitor has the same vertical resolution as before - 1200 pixels. However, the horizontal resolution is now 1920 instead of 1600. What a difference that makes to working in Lightroom. I don't know if you can really get an idea of the size here but try looking at the large image and see how little space the menu items take up on the top left. The main image area is huge. Sadly I know I'll get used to this new opulence in a few days and start taking it for granted. For now, at least, I'm blown away.

For the curious, the new monitor is a Dell UltraSharp U2410.

BTW, my blip (within the blip) is of a family portrait I took today for our friend's Christmas card. I wish I had some interesting backgrounds to shoot against as there is nothing suitable in our house. I'm kind of tempted to invest in a muslin backdrop or two. They would be useful when in a pinch (like today). However, I'd much prefer to have more natural settings for portraits. I also appreciate how hard it is to do group portraits of three or more people (especially kids). Anyone know how to clone out a hand? :)

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