World Book Day

Happy World Book Day!

I am a firm believer that everyone should read. They can read whatever they want, however they want, but everyone should read books.

I've loved books since I was little. A large portion of my childhood memories are made up of my parents reading me books. My favourite memories are of my Dad putting on voices as he read me Harry Potter (to me, my dad will always be Hagrid's true voice). It's these memories thatI cherish and it's my parents that I have to thank for my love of books.

Despite being read Harry Potter as a child, my obsession with reading comes from Jacqueline Wilson and if I was still able to get away with reading her books, I would. Up until the age of 14, I was the proud owner of every single book she'd ever written. Still to this day, she's one of my favourite authors.

Books are important to me, they always will be. They took me on adventures when the skies were dull and the days were wet and I wish I had as much time to read now as I did when I was little. I can say for a fact, that any future children will be encouraged to read and that they will be read my favourite childhood books before bed!

This is a small selection of the books that I have at Uni with me, and a very small portion of the books that I own. My future house will definitely need to have a library in it!

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