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This isn't a very exciting blip, but it is finally a sunrise and taken from 5 seats away as we flew over Australia on the "red eye" from Beijing this morning.

We had a wonderful trip, and although it may sound adventurous it was really quite easy. Everything went smoothly and I can't believe how the time flew.

I was amazed to find after the good Internet connections we had in Russia that free wifi was useless in China, both at the hotel and airport. I suspect it is a ploy to make you go searching for paid Internet as we went to one coffee shop where the free connection was fine, but of course I didn't have my iPad with me. So I wrote up the blips as I went and have just back posted them.

Thank you everyone for your interest and continuing to comment on my entries even though I haven't had a chance to reply or get to yours. I will be trying to look back over a few over the next few days. I will also post links to some more photos of our trip when I get them sorted if you are interested.

Now what on earth am I going to blip tomorrow?

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