By RexComu1

Bragging rights.

Another trip through to the west coast, this time to Greenock and the registrar's office in the municipal buildings. The imposing tower is the Victoria Tower completed in 1886 in the Italianate style. At 245 feet (75m) tall it reflected the prosperity of the area at that time and also served as an 'up yours' to Glasgow as the tower is taller than the one in Glasgow City Chambers by more than a metre apparently. An example of culture, identity and power in the Clyde valley. I have no idea what the wrought iron in the foreground commemorates. What is strange about this photograph is the blue sky and white clouds – a novelty in these parts!

The last time I was in these municipal buildings was in the 60's playing a recorder in the Greenock music festival – with not a lot of success. If only I'd had proper lessons I could have been famous...

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