A touch of the Pollacks

The only time I stuck my nose outside the house was for a quick trip to the local shop for some grocery essentials. It was actually dry at that stage, so I combined the trip with a short walk (falling behind in that department for the past few days, but I keep on telling myself the amount of walking in Antibes last week gives me some walking credits -- I know that's nonsense, much the same as saving up a week's allocation of units of alcohol and consuming them all on a Saturday, but it's difficult not to think that way -- and, anyway, I'd run the risk of catching pneumonia if I went out walking in the rotten, miserable weather we had all last week). I digress. So, I combined the trip to the shop with a bit of a walk, naturally with the camera as companion. That's when I stumbled on this gate whose unfortunate surface is almost totally obscured by graffiti and tags and such-like (I exaggerate, of course). I'm no fan at all of graffiti and fail to understand the urge which drives people to deface building surfaces in this way, but there's no doubt that it can sometimes provide good blip fodder if all else fails.

So, groceries got in and blip sorted, it was time to settle down to the final stage of this job which has kept me fully occupied since we got back from France. It took until after 10.00 pm to complete, but I was chuffed when it was done, and felt a real glow of satisfaction that what seemed utterly impossible when I began work on Tuesday was now actually complete and on schedule (says he, patting himself on the back). Actual design work complete it was then time to work through everything to bring it all together and get it print-ready, which, after a well-earned break, finally reached completion at 4.00 am. Done. Dusted. Just waiting for formal sign-off by the client in the morning and the job can go to print. Hallelujah!

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