Sandhill Cranes

We had a busy day. Started out at the Uncles house helping him set up for their community yard sale and then sitting for a few hours helping out. My son and family came and relieved me and then all of us with the exception of my son and uncle went to the Pet Expo! Wow, lots of booths, Rescues and dogs! Barking, playing, moving, running, beautiful dogs. So many different breeds there with their owners. The granddaughter wanting us to rescue them all. Got a lot of information but didn't come home with any. The ones I was interested in, you had to go online to fill out applications and such but no French Bulldog Rescue! I was drawn to the English Bulldogs and the Boston Terriers -

We saw several owners come in with Frenchies and my heart is just drawn to them. I'm going to have to keep plugging away in that direction.

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