Mephitic - foul smelling

I admit that this doesn't even nearly fit the challenge word for today. There is the potential for this pile of gym clothes, recently peeled from a sweaty body after this morning’s spin class, to become mephitic but as you read this they are wafting fragrantly on the clothes airer having been washed and fabric softened to within an inch of their lives.

More often than not I shower at the gym and then stick the clothes straight in the washing machine when I get home but not on Mondays. On Mondays there’s an aqua class which finishes at the same time as our spin class (who writes these gym timetables?!!). Getting a shower usually involves a fight to the death with a dripping woman in a swimming costume followed by another four rounds with a woman wielding a hair brush to get a hair dryer. All that seems too much trouble when my lovely shower at home is just sitting there waiting for me.

By the way whoever had the idea that Igor should become a blipper obviously had no idea of the consequences. It seemed OK for one of us to spend a half a day on a blip but if two of us do it the house will fall into rack and ruin and we'll starve to death because there will be no time for cleaning, shopping and cooking. Be careful what you wish for!!!!

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