I have two ankles attached by two robust legs to two small feet.
My ankles are moderately well turned, perhaps a trifle sturdy but certainly not 'cankles'.
They have supported me for more summers than I care to remember. They have walked with me, run with me and cycled with me over many miles on several continents and only given the occasional twinge if they thought they were being overworked on rough terrain.
Now, suddenly for no apparent reason, my left ankle has decided to tease me by acting up.

It wakes in the morning and thinks "let me pretend I'm not connected to her foot, so that when she stands up, I will let holler with a twinge, and her foot and leg will give way under her.
I will allow her to limp for a bit until she gets worried, then I will behave myself and all will be well until she sits down, and I can recoup my strength to repeat the performance when she stands again.
I've never had so much fun, but I don't think 'we' are amused".

I am hoping that by trying to ignore this pensioner behaviour, my left ankle will accept defeat and cooperate with me, my leg, and my poor little foot, who only 2 years ago recovered from its own tantrum of plantar fasciitis.

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