Letterbox Sculpture

Mum and I spent some time in the riverside town of Kaiapoi, giving me the chance at long last to blip this Letterbox Sculpture.

This Sculpture by Mark Larsen was completed in October 2013, as a result of a small dedicated group of people called 'Kaiapoi Rubble Rousers', who got together to help brighten the EQ-battered town.

This Sculpture commemorates the loss of 1049 homes in Kaiapoi, Pines Beach and Kairaki Beach as a result of the 4th September 2010 earthquake. The road signs on the sculpture acknowledges the Red-Zoned Streets from which these letterboxes came.

The red and black colours not only signify the Red Zones and the area's blackest day, but also memorialises how Canterbury as a province went through these dark days.

The Letterbox Sculpture can be found at the intersection of Charles and Williams Streets, Kaiapoi.

I would like to welcome walkingS to blip. As some of you may know walkingS is my mum who joins me on many blip-adventures. Mum has commented some people and has finally decided to put her first blip up and will just proceed as she feels, you may like to pop on over and say hi :)

It's been quite a busy Thursday so will head away now and put the groceries away and prepare tea - Pan Fried Tarakihi fish fillets with a salad.

Happy Thursday everyone :)

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