Wine Glass Inspiration

....................................Crocus week inspiration.

First stop "nature" when you want to design something. Here are some crude drawings on top of the closed crocuses I saw today. Yes it was a dull day and the crocuses weren't open. I really like their bulbous shapes when they are closed and it inspired me to make a potential drawing for a glass or glasses as they do look like a type of receptacle, which they are when you think of it. Here is stage one and two but there would be a number of other stages to go through before the glass was refined into the finished product. The lip of the glass needs to be smoother without losing the design of the crocus and then some etching could be on the surface of the glass to mimic the lines outwith and within the petals. Those are my thoughts anyway. It would be quite a long battle to get them in to production.........never the less it could be done with will and money.

I should really have blipped a garden chair today as I spent a lot of time power cleaning off the dead varnish as well as cleaning the patio. Looking forward to seeing it all dry tomorrow. It was quite a boring job but its done now and on to the next job.

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