...wORds bE fEW

By tnahlyn

Out of Control

With Thanksgiving over and done, except for the leftovers, it is on to Christmas and I am telling ya...it is Out of Control.

Shopping, cooking, cleaning, eating, plays, decorating, baking (which is different than cooking), eating, parties, gifts, laughter, giving, sharing, eating, family time, light gazing,old Christmas movie watching....well, o.k. It all ends up being pretty good. Did I mention eating? There are some 'rockin' meals over the holidays!

It is a bittersweet time of year. I have to say that all in all, the thought of it is overwhelming.

So I will just dive in, I warm up to the idea eventually and the stress melts away, like on the 26th of December!!! Just in time for the new year. OK, one thought at a time. Let's just get accustom to the thought that Thanksgiving is over and my neighbor has decorated his front yard. Hence the Blip...Christmas...out of control!!!!

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