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By electricglass

Theater trip

Seem like there are far too many movies I want to see this year. Generally there is in a month. Right now it seems like 3-5 a month. Thank fully there is the dollar theater and brewvies. So I spend $1.25-$3 most visits. But that wasn't the case tonight.

Being a big fan of Wes Anderson I had to go see his latest, Fantastic Mr. Fox. It was Fantastic! I would even go with nearly perfect. My only complaint would be with a "dialog crutch". They came up with using the word "cuss" in place of a real curse word. Like Cuss you or This is a total clustercuss. It was cool and would have remained that way if it was used 5 or 6 times. But after the 20th use of it. It got a little old.

But still. I'll be going to see it again. The story lines are great. The animation works really well. The vocal acting is wonderful. I especially like William DeFoe as the Rat. Oh and as normal such a fun soundtrack.

Thanks for checking out my blip tonight.

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