Fat bloke in red

This week a mate serviced my hybrid bike for me - there was an annoying noise on the cranks - and with the increasing hours of light it was time to cycle to work again. We knew it was going to be foggy/misty in the morning so I put on a bright red cycling top that I was given last year - Zip in the hope that it would improve my visibility to car drivers. I did make it to work okay and back again (though I didn't need the jacket on the way home)

After dinner I had the fourth committee meeting of the week, so didn't really get much of an opportunity to rest after a very long and busy week. I sadly learnt, as I was leaving the meeting, that Percy, one of the village peacocks has passed away, which only leaves Pierre left to keeps us entertained...

Tonight's rather late and rushed blip is a close-up of the red jacket with the reflective details picked out quite well by the flash gun.

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