"I believe in fairies!"

We all (Me, Kevin, J, J's cousins A & N and their mum Katy) went to the opening night of the the annual christmas show at the Royal Lyceum Theatre tonight. This year they are showing 'Peter Pan'. J and A just loved it! A met a friend from her school who was with her mum and sister. After the show Kevin had arranged for us all to have a look backstage. A's friend, sister and mum came too. We all had a chance to look at the set pieces (and to see all the work Kevin and his collegues have put into the set). We could see what goes on backstage and look at Tinkerbell's costume (tinkerbell was the comedy in the show! Very funny!). The wee ones all had a shot of climbing through the Wendy house, then we were out in the empty auditorium where they all went crazy running up and down the rows before we managed to round them up!

Photography wasn't allowed so this photo was taken surreptitiously. I had to wait for quite noisy moments so the shutter couldn't be heard. The quality isn't particularly good due to longish exposue and high iso etc. But I just had to try and capture their faces. I like the light here, this was taken during the water scene so the lighting was very blue. If only I could've set up a tripod! I have cropped out a rather too curious woman who from looking at the picture on computer looked as if she was about to clipe on me!

The show is really good. Visually it is just fantastic!!

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