Constant Exposure

By constant


The weather today was a complete turnaround from yesterday's. We decided to go downtown to stroll about and then later to see the official lighting of the Christmas tree in Pioneer Square. This shot was taken at Tanner Springs Park as we wandered the Pearl District. The image has lots of interesting elements but it's definitely not the sum of its parts. Oh well. Though it does look better large. It's also the first ever "reflection" blip I've done. Not bad to have gone 600 without one. :)

Anyway, our stroll about town was very enjoyable. We arrived at Pioneer Square around 5pm but the actual lighting happened (live on the local news program) at 6:15pm. We didn't realize it would take so long and were going to leave but Holly insisted we stay. By the time we made it back home everyone was pooped but no meltdowns. We tried to play a game of "Sorry" but ran out of steam after a while called it a night.

I have to say that the last few days have been great. It's just been Kim, the kids and I. No other distractions. A lot of pure family time. Nice. Looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

[This blip will also be my first to be posted (automatically) to Facebook. Not exactly sure how it works. I wonder if it is just a link back to blip or if the whole text is published too. Will be interesting to see. [Works well. Nice one Blip central!]]

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