Double L

By Wyldkatt

Sunset Moon

I wanted to take a picture of the moon as close to full as I possibly can

Problem No1 - The full moon was exact for my location at 1709hrs. But moonrise was 1818hrs.

Problem No2 - the east horizon has trees and houses. I had to find a spot between them all and set up quickly. This meant hoicking the 8" dobsonian from its place to the path outside the front of the house. A distance of about 90'.

Problem No3 - the sunset was at 1809hrs so the sky was quite light.

I usually capture the moon in 4 modes on the Samsung NX1000 camera: None; vivid; black & white; and custom 2.

This is the 2nd image (vivid so highlighting the sunset colours) through low level cloud. No processing - image straight to you.

At 18:48:52 GMT on Sunday, 16 March 2014 the moon's phase was full.
(Or, to be more precise, 99.9968653372625% full.)

I will post some more later on my FaceBook page

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