electric glass

By electricglass

The ol' In-n-Out.

So there are about 5 of these opening over about 2 months here in Northern Utah. I have never had it before. But heard only rave reviews about their food endlessly. I had a couple things to get for my photo class final. so I headed down to get that stuff and try it out for the first time.

I really wasn't that impressed. The fries were terrible. Second worst ones I've had.

The burger wasn't really all that spectacular either. It was good. But I've had better.

This location has been open for two weeks. But still the line was, literally, out the door. And has been that way since it opened.

It's been a lesson again in Americas obsession with lining up for the mundane. Saw it happen for Krispy Krems and that was really unimpressive then as well. There always seems to be a few local eateries that are better.

Oh well. I tried something new. So that's all that matters eh?

Oh and I think it might motive me to finally start up a Burger Review Blog. Though who would listen to me if I'm not a huge fan of In-n-Out?

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