By IntothewildMan

A bit longer in the tooth

It has been a delightful weekend with my brother and his wife, my sister and assorted cousins visiting for supper on Saturday. Hanne Lene made a great paella and Jess made a black forest gateau, both of which were amazing. Then yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and we had a long lazy breakfast in the garden and sat chatting for hours. So I am feeling all loved up and celebrated out...
Today is St Patrick's Day and my birthday so I am officially longer in the tooth as of 9.30 this morning. I am told that the family cat gave birth to a litter of kittens the same day. Our neighbour Doreen, a true East Ender, says that I was "all blue an' 'orrible an' cryin' all the time." I wouldn't have minded only she made this announcement in front of my first girlfriend the first time I invited her home.

This painted woodcarving is a birthday present from my brother Steve, who made it, and his wife Lis.

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