Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


I took a last look out my bedroom window today at 7:48 AM as I was about to leave for the boathouse and a row with my friend J. I had checked 10 minutes before (looking for wind or rain) so was surprised to see new black smoke billowing in front of the Space Needle. Got the camera and turned on the news to hear a shocked news crew struggling to relate that a news helicopter near the station had just crashed, hitting and burning 2 cars and a truck in the street. 2 dead in the helicopter and one seriously burned in one car, the others OK. Very upsetting.....and sad.

We were supposed to have the grandsons yesterday and today after school but Niklas is home sick so their Mom stayed home from work at Microsoft (she can work from home a bit) and Oskar will be very happy to go home after school with her there --so, we will regroup. Hopefully I will get energized and get some of my own work done! I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by blip lately (too many interesting journals out there...) so posted the above instead of spending time with some camera creation that I have in mind (another day...) Might back off for a little while….and see if that helps my other projects….

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