By Skyroad

The Forty Foot No. 2: Curator

I am finally beginning to organise my mornings better, and am making time, clearing a little space for writing; driving down to the sea at Blackrock or Dún Laoghaire, one of those little cul de sacs I mentioned, like the one at Seapoint that my friend used to call a phrontistery.

The other one I used to head for regularly was in Sandycove, near Joyce's Tower and The Forty Foot bathing spot. I managed to get about an hour in. Before leaving, I visited the Forty Foot. I knew exactly what I wanted, a portrait of one of the men in the little hut on the far side, who keep the place in order.

They were both there, on duty, and very accomodating and friendly. I took a number of shots, but I only had about 15 minutes so my visit was a little rushed. Next time I will have have to get this man's name, for one thing.

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