By benek

Fire Drill

Early dinner today so we could make the 6:20 showing of Transformers. Ate at Burger Fuel (they're going international so look for one near you in the next few years). This is Wagamama next door, looking all ready for the dinner rush.

Saw the movie on the Cinamaxx screen at Hoyts Sylvia Park. According to them it's the largest 35mm movie screen in the world. About 20 minutes into it the film shut off, lights came up, and the fire alarm went off. We were all forced out to the parking lot. Obviously no real fire, and we were clear to go back in quickly. They actually restarted all of the movies! I couldn't believe it.

I expected the usual Michael Bay crap out of this movie, and that's pretty much what it was. Although I was definitely entertaining in parts. I think I enjoyed the first hour better than the second. Once the coolness wore off, we were just left with no real plot and nothing to carry the movie through the second hour. Got to see some sh*t blow up though!

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