Bit broken

It was the litter pick in the village this morning, so after breakfast went went down to the community centre to collect our bags and litter grabbers. After a few few hours we had plenty of full bags of rubbish and we returned home.

Today's blip is a broken drill bit I found in my trouser pocket this morning. I broke it when repairing the fence a few weeks ago after the wind had blown it over. I should remember in future to not try to tighten a screw that hard with cheap screwdriver bits...

After a wash and lunch I popped out to deliver some leaflets and then returned home for a well deserved rest. Actually I didn't have a rest I spent a few hours reading Neighbourhood Plans looking for biodiversity plans incorporated into them. Sadly most of them were not all that complete or had considered biodiversity in their plans - which at least made it quicker if not that helpful.

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