probably definately

By chole33

Saint Basil's Cathedral

First day in Moscow. Of course our first stop is Red Square. Andy was pretty excited that, as a Westerner, he has now stood both in Tienanmen Square and Red Square. Conveniently, the thing I most wanted to see was also right there - the onion domes on Saint Basil's Cathedral.

After wandering about Red Square we had some breakfast and had nearly navigated our way through the menu when our waitress realized we spoke English and brought us English menu's. We cross-referenced, and my language skills were successful enough that we were all still satisfied with our orders. Point!

Then onto the Kremlin. It was a bit of an adventure trying to find the front door. But finally we had found the right door, purchased tickets, and made it inside (again, go primitive Russian skills!).

After the Kremlin we were nice and cold and decided that a hot beverage would be outstanding. That was the most expensive tea I've ever had - nearly $20 US, yikes!

The rest of the day was spent wandering about Moscow, practising reading Cyrillic, and ending with an outstanding pizza joint (because there is only so much culture shock you want to handle in one day).

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