Pictorial blethers

By blethers

From the aussichtspunkt

When my parents took me and my sister to Austria for what was, I think, the second foreign holiday of my life, I learned the word aussichtspunkt - an outlook point, mirador, whatever you like to call a place set aside for looking over a vista. Somehow the German stuck, in the same way as the number of camels sent annually from Sudan to Egypt to be slaughtered for human consumption stuck in my 15-year-old brain. (I had a tendency to remember essentially unhelpful facts - I also know the French for a combine harvester, from the same period).

But enough rambling for this blip. This is the view from a neat little hill beside the forest road that runs from Kilmun Arboretum all the way along above Loch Eck as far as the road to Ardentinny. The view is being somewhat abbreviated by the growth of the trees in the foreground, but I liked the sky and the snowy hills on the far side of the Loch and round Glen Massan. And the sun was shining ...

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