By wingpig

it's time to play the music

Given the extremely fine dividing line between it being dark enough to take a night-time long-exposure shot and it being the next day I really shouldn't allow myself to be distracted by things once I've decided that none of my daytime shots cut the snuff so that I don't have to suddenly grab my tripod at seven minutes to midnight and scurry out of the flat, hoping that my spare memory card is still in my bag as I realise that the one I had in the camera during the day is still sitting in the card reader on the desk.

By remembering such things as this in the future I would be able to post this as the main image rather than as a five-minute-late link.


Well, Saturday anyway.

I might do the same thing next weekend but stay out for most of the few hours of darkness if only to get some use out of my 18-70 which has hardly been on the camera since the vernal equinox. I could get two dates' worth of blips in one session too which would leave the following day free. Then again it could be an whole day if itching to change the shot.


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