such, such were the joys.

By Chaps100

Generic food photo.

Apologies for the awful blip. I haven't had much time to do anything today, and I didn't particularly want to backblip another day. My SD card is also full, which doesn't really make matters any better either.

Excuses over. Here's a picture of, quite frankly, the nicest thing that I have ever bought from a supermarket; it's spinach, Parmesan and pine nut pasta. Amazing. And it was reduced. All the better.

I had my penultimate music session today and it was a disaster. I downloaded a free trial of the notation software that we used and managed to do a fair bit of work to my composition during the week - but what I hadn't considered was the compatibility of the newer version (that I'd downloaded) with the older one that we have at school. So, in a nut shell, I had wasted my time and I found today's assessment a bit useless really. However, my saviour of a flute teacher has allowed me to go around his house and do some work on it - and absolutely wonderful person.

In other news, the teacher that I had covering my further maths lesson until after Easter had her last day on Friday, meaning that I've had a new one since yesterday. They've also put all of our lessons for next week in to this week's schedule, meaning that I had about 5 maths lessons since that start of the week - and that's a lot considering we usually only have four in the entire week. My new teacher's absolutely lovely, but he's a bit intimidating - especially as he seems to be an expert in decision maths. It's great having him as a teacher; but I equally can't wait for my normal maths teacher to come back after Easter.

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