Keith B

By keibr

...and in the distance The Open Sea...

I was out and about today. I drove up to the High Coast hotel, over the bridge photographed a few days ago by ClairesEyes. I was at the hotel in my role as IT pedagogueto talk about running distance courses.
When that was over I emerged into the late afternoon sun on a warm still day and decided to take a walk. Up the hill following the meditation path, with texts carved into ceramic tablets and placed at eye-level. The texts are relevant to where they are placed with a view of the sea matched with a text about water, various texts concerning wind just under the wind turbine on the top of the hill and so on. The texts come from local poets, the bible, songs, and similar. Future blips perhaps?
I went over the hill and down the other side a little way till I got to the clifftop view out to the south-east, past the islands to the open sea, glimpsed through a narrow gap in the island chain. (The photo is best viewed on large to see the gap!)
It was very still and warm and peaceful. Sat a while in the sun and thought no thoughts.
Then headed for my car and back home across the bridge.

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