First aid

Well an extremely busy week has ended and to round it off there is some Nordic Noir on TV tonight, though on More 4 and not BBC4..!

Today started early with a training session at work at 8am, so it was an earlier than normal start to get in for it. One the training session was over, I spent pretty much all day on the project I've been working on all week and hardly noticed when it was time to go home! It's not perfect but I feel really proud of what we have done and I think it will do what the business wants.

After work we went to a wood-burning stove shop to have a look at what they have in stock. We've been working on the house for some time and the plan has always been to install a stove instead of the horribly inefficient open-fire in the living room, when we are ready. We've already looked at once place so today was an opportunity to check out another supplier that was recommended to us.

Tonight's blip is a little British Red Cross Society Trained First Aider badge that my better half got when she completed one of the many courses she has taken. The badge has been sitting on her desk for a few months and in the absence of anything better to blip it's tonight's subject. It's only when you've looked at something closely that you notice things, the "R" at the end of "AIDER" is wonky...

(back blip)

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