- 23 kg / 50 lb / 3 st. 87 lb

One year ago I wasn't in a very good shape. I weighed 120 kg /265 lb/18,1 st. (I'm 187 cm / 6'1") and my blood pressure and blood sugar were elevated. My thyroid test results weren't too pretty, either. I decided to change my diet somewhat and start getting more exercise.

I've managed to drop - 23 kg / 50 lb / 3 st. 87 lb in the last year. I'm actually surprised that I've managed to drop the weight merely by walking and some swimming in addition to some changes in the diet. I still have some way to go to a "normal" weight, but since all the latest blood test results and blood pressure readings have been normal, the most acute health results seem to be showing already.

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