More Pensioner Musings

I'm much amused to be sitting beside our latest recruit, Big S, a man with no excuse for not enjoying full time retirement. As one of the old Senior Management, I can only think that he missed the buzz that came from dealing with the hysterical and paranoid bullies and egotists at the top of the organisation. I fear he'll not get what he needs from myself and my somnambulant Rubik cube playing colleague. In addition, I have to help him do so many simple things - setting up data folders, recovering mislaid emails, showing him how to imbed links. He needs a PA and admits as much. He reminds himself, he says, of an old retired miner that a pal visited over in Fife. "I'd get you a cup of tea", said our coal-hewer, "but the wife's away out".

That's what happens when you rise up the tree, young people, you shed all the things that made you valuable in the first place until you're simply there as a figurehead. I'm a bit of a figurehead, I fancy. Not the one with bare breasts on the front of a boat, I must make clear.

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