Ristosan's Journal

By ristosan

It's Not Easy

by the Rolling Stones

After the workshop, to Madrid airport and flight to Brussels for two different meetings. An ugly scene developed on the train from Brussels airport to the city centre. One passenger had a ticket but for some reason it was not valid for the conductor. A loud argument, after which the passenger lost control and restrained the conductor physically from continuing his round - I would have been the 3rd passenger to be checked after the problematic one. The conductor said (according to my interpretation) that unless he would be left free to continue, he would call the authorities. The passenger did not budge, so the conductor retreated to the driver's cabin. At the first stop, the railroad security guys stepped in and tried to reason with the passenger. This is when I took this photo, and did it trying not to provoke anyone. Finally, the passenger was persuaded to exit the train. Tempers were high especially with one of the security guys and his voice got quite loud at time. Happily, no violence was used.

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