like fingerprints

It's been done better before, but as long as people feel compelled to park their car near another car just because it's the same model and colour then people wandering past will be compelled to wonder if it will be worth taking a picture of them. The second one to arrive could have arranged itself better in relation to the other, though. I have so far mostly avoided any sort of blip where a car has been the primary subject so it'll take a far more impressive coincidence or arrangement to get me to do another.

There's usually a car of the same colour and almost the same model as Nicky's parked within the same few streetsworth of permit zone but the relative lack of spaces and small clumps thereof mean they're unlikely to ever end up in the same shot. As well as occasionally peering intently through the window of the wrong car once or twice on my way past to check that the doors were locked and the radio front panel was disconnected the other slight problem of having a similar car so nearby was that suspicion immediately fell on the owner of the similar car when Nicky's driver-side wing-mirror mysteriously (but quite cleanly) disappeared overnight a while back. We didn't see the similar-car sufficiently soon before or after the incident to either see it without a mirror or with one which looked recently-attached and not-quite-matching so were unable to follow the suspicion up with more intense but slightly more grounded suspicion.

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