... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mr. Goosle: Triumphant

More pleased with himself in large ("L").

He's just chased off a whole bunch of mallard drakes.
I arrived at the pond and Mr. was on the island, and showed no signs of moving (*sob*). I resigned myself to photographing the Canada geese: there was a very cute little one ("Beaky") Click right from there for the Canada geese, and today's photos generally...).

BUT, then a mother arrived with a baby in a pram; all of the birds noticed (including Mr.) as that usually means bread. It didn't in this case (phew), but Mr. still came storming over to check it out. Yay!

I've put up some others on Flickr (including the second mallard chase...):
Mr. spots the mallards ...
... points (like a pointer) with beak ajar (he was jarred!) ...
... and checks on me (?) ...
... before chasing them off!
My blip is him looking triumphant after chasing them away...

Close-up of him looking v. handsome

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