By kiwifraser

Rising Tarmac

A piece of tarmac on our footpath has risen a couple of inches above the rest during the night.

Scottish Water were very helpful and polite when I phoned, and came out quickly to check the cause.

There was no drinking water leak, and no indications of sewerage, which was good news.

According to the Scotttish Water engineer, (who appeared to have a lot of local experience), the cause is likely to be groundwater flow from heavy rainfall forcing up a previously repaired tarmac section from years ago.

It is now the responsibility of the local council roads department, who apparently repair the tarmac. However, there is no council department responsible for groundwater investigation. I have a gut feeling that whatever caused this will be covered over, and we maybe calling up again in a few years.

Either way, the council have been informed to investigate, but we haven't seen them yet. I'm hoping there may be a Blip with a digger/ machinery in the next few days...

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