By abasu

Sakura (cherry blossom) in Tokyo

The national holiday on the Vernal Equinox followed by the blossoming Sakura (cherry blossom) mark the end of winter and the beginning of Spring in Japan. Sakura is deeply connected to Japanese art, culture and the way of life. During this season, many roads in different cities lined with Sakura trees are beautiful sights with people taking photographs or strolls under those trees.

The Iidabashi canal in Tokyo is one such place. The branches of the Sakura trees go close to the water of the canal. They are just as beautiful as the flowers themselves. In this photograph, I tried to portray more of a painting style look of the flowers, the tree branches and the green water of the canal below. A photographic (not digital) technique that has been applied here. A circular polarising filter has been used to cut out the reflections from the water. Otherwise, it would have looked more blue!

Last week, the flowers were in full bloom. Now, the leaves are coming out and the petals are falling. Spring is not over but Sakura season is almost over in Tokyo.

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