Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Banners say it all ...

I spent a chunk of today in Glasgow, at CND's Spring Rally against Trident. (I love a good protest, and it's been a while ...) We stopped all the traffic (or the polis did) in the city centre as we paraded round behind wild drumming, then piled back into George Square for the rally.

Striking moments? These banners, for a start; the singing as we waited for the speakers; the complete silence of this huge crowd as we remembered Margo MacDonald; Nicola Sturgeon assuring us that Trident was not a negotiating chip in bargaining over Scottish independence.

My interest in politics has always been tied to my passionate desire to get rid of nuclear weapons - so it was interesting to spot responses on Facebook from people who haven't known me long enough to remember Dunoon and Holy Loch CND in the 80s ...

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