on the up

By MartynOutdoors

Pasque Flower

Another jam packed day, all good...

Up early, washed one car; to Nero for early coffee (how did you guess?!)

Then off with Petal for a walk with a new friend from Royston up over Therfield Heath to the village of Therfield then back down in a big loop. My friend suggested we should revisit the area in May to see a very rare flower (Pasque). But as luck would have it we saw some on a rise at Pen Hills, around a month early. More luck I had taken the X10 so as able to get in close for a shot. In the end it was a glorious sunny walk with good company.

Back home for some gardening, failed to repair the strimmer, but still with some help dispatched a stack of weeds, ivy, removed a dead tree and stump, and cut the grass! Finally off out in the Z4 for a blast and...... time for a rest!

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