... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo


All the more handsome in large ("L").

This definitely wasn't my best picture of the day, but it is the one that I keep coming back to because it makes me melt...

I had a wonderful half-hour with Mr. this afternoon: I found him grazing in an unusual place (a mound further from the pond), but then he returned to the pond, chased the mallards off, and had a massive preening session. I've put up a fairly coherent sequence (1, or 2, or 25. Sorry!). There were some funny moments, so I put them up together as a story/sequence (or an abbreviated flip-book of his preening routine).

There was a coot being weird (also on that mound) starting here: crazy feet.
Mr. Goosle starts here: You!

Evil coot
Goosle Pilates
Splash-landing after chasing mallards
Dripping (from beak)
Flipping a[n imaginary] table

p.s. Mrs. is still looking cheerful, but no sign of any littles...

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