Keith B

By keibr

Coming home - flying in over the delta

Catching up with my blips - loading up from the 2 April to the 6 April. Here is the 4th...
The Indal river (Indalsälven) has formed a large delta where it flows into the sea.  As we were coming in to land at Härnösand's local airport we flew over the delta and I managed to get this photo from the plane.
I think it shows how the flow of the river is forming and shaping this area and you can see the different depths of water.
Both the end of the runway and the E4, the main north-south road can be seen over on the left of the picture.
It's a nice place to paddle a kayak on a warm sunny day, though as you can see from the snow patches this was not such a day.
When I got home Jan had baked a PILE of scones that can be seen on my flickr - what a lovely wife I have!

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