The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Legends - Part Two

Sometimes your day doesn't go as planned. Happens to me a lot.

My old supervisor Gareth was meant to have stayed tonight with his wife, but their babysitter let them down. So we suddenly at a loose end. This meant we were able to accept an invitation to Abercynon Rugby Club and a night with Phil Steele and Phil Bennett. A welsh rugby legend.

I was worried at first as Dawn was practically the only woman in the room. But she was cool about it! She always amazes me!

The night was fantastic. Phil Steele rattling off loads of anecdotes and then after a lovely buffet we had Phil Bennett recounting his days as a British Lion with Bobby Windsor and in the legendary welsh team of the 70's.

Mister Moffett was there, he got invited in the same tweet as me, it just keeps on getting stranger doesn't it. I introduced him to dawn and Kevin Fitzgerald, who is a rabid ponty fan. The ensuing argument was awesome!

The night raised nigh on £800 for Velindre which was fantastic. They were so good too dad over the past year or so.

Cracking night out and a most unexpected!

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