By JLindenMSYP

Creative Thought

So I spent my working day today from 7AM until 6PM with the kids at Out of School Care. I told them about BlipFoto and all the amazing photos and thoughts that get stored on one place. Like a beautiful memory bank but for the technical age.

They were keen to hear more and so I set them a challenge.

Design a piece of Lego that reflected your day in Out of School Care.

Jamie designed the backdrop for the Blip with the Yellow Smiling Face on the Red Lego Board. This symbolises the fun that the Children had today when we visited the North Lanarkshire Heritage Museum and then of course McDonald's. The inspiration behind Jamie's colour scheme.

Sophie created the Lego Landscape which is in the middle of the Blip, it was her artistic impression of the trip today explained by Lego. With the Yellow Lego Bridge and the White Lego Bicycle Rack all symbolising - Bellshill Train Station. Then the Red and White Lego Tower and the Green Lego Bush representing her impressions of the Observation Tower and the grounds itself at the Museum.

Megan produced the focal point for our image and that is the symbolisation of the Lego Elevator. Megan, Myself and her Younger Sibling spent most of our Museum Trip giggling and taking infamous "Selfies" in the Elevator.

I hope the Blip wasn't too long but the kids enjoyed helping me to produce a Blip that was steeped in thoughts and feelings but with a creative edge.

They are great to be around and really change my thinking from Young Politician to Big Kid at Heart.

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