By DanniiRose96


It's hard to say if warriors are born or if they are made by circumstances.

A warrior is defined as 'a brave soldier' and, yes, in this day and age, we have warriors. The soldiers that go out and fight for their countries, for their rights and for their families, but what a lot of people don't realise is that people, just like you and I, are warriors also.
We very rarely realise this as it is very often we have to think about it, about being brave and strong for both yourself and for others, but today, I learned that I myself am a warrior.
When dealing with hardships that life throws our way, many people will sink to the ground and refuse to give up, but for those of us who continue to fight and to refuse to stay down - we are warriors. I'll admit, learning this lesson is never an easy one and while looking out at this beautiful sunset this evening after both a dreadful and eventful day, I realised that after all that had been thrown my way both today and previously through out my life, I had not given up, I had kept fighting, and that... That is what truly makes me a warrior.

So to those of you out there reading this, stay strong, keep fighting and live to tell the tale. You are a warrior - you deserve strength.

D xo

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