... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Pigeon: Fan Dance

More showy in large ("L").

The theme of this blip is "Familiarity Breeds Contempt". I started a series ages ago, so I suppose that this is resurrecting it. I took loads of pictures of pigeons today (and some of a Canada goose, and some of mallards), so have uploaded a celebration of the familiar to my Flickr (right from here). I also got bitten by a pigeon on the Southbank this afternoon, so there's that too...

This particularly pale pigeon was the star of the show; what a beautiful creature! I love the hint of iridescence showing through on the neck (visible in some of the alternatives), and the glowing orange eyes...

Flickr highlights:
Plain pigeon (puffed up)
Pale pigeon Pilates
Pale pigeon: iridescent neck plumage
Canada goose (bright reflections in the eye)
Flapping mallard drake
Grooming female mallard

p.s. Here is one of Mr.; he definitely doesn't fit today's theme!

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