By calico

Cottonwood Creek

Today my mom and I went out in search of a blip. We searched a street called Lakeview for about 20 minutes, looking for a lake, and ended up passing by a really picturesque field full of cows. Unfortunately, we couldn't pull over because the road was too narrow, and the nearest turn-off was too far away for my flip-flop clad feet to walk. We gave up, and decided to go to the grocery store instead (which, of course, I was thrilled about). On the way to the store, my mom and I spied this pretty little creek and pulled off or the road so that I could use it for my blip. We were soon interrupted by kayakers who were, strangely enough, riding through a culvert behind the bridge we were standing on. It was actually a rainy and nasty day today, which was a perfect oppurtunity for Photoshop Lesson #2: How to Turn Nasty Rainy Sky into Prettyy Blue Sky. Blip really is helping me learn the ins and outs of photoshop. Before, I pretty much destroyed any photo I worked on.

I know I said I would do my Dependence Day blip today, but I couldn't resist the creek photo. I will do it tomorrow. I will!

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