By McZoo

Home Again

This morning we packed up and left San Antonio (with some Krispy Kremes for breakfast on the road).

It was great to get back home and have some time to relax before getting back to the daily grind tomorrow. One of the best parts of coming home is always our fur babies (whether you have been gone for an hour or a week). The pups are always so excited to see you. Daddy initiated a game of tug that at one point or another all four of the kiddos were involved in. The picture is of Aerten and Swift at a stalemate. Swift is the only one who even dares to attempt to play with Aerten now, since she is so much bigger and stronger. After everything settled down, Boyd got a lot of good Daddy cuddles. He is much more attached to daddy than mommy, so it is always really cute to see them interacting.

P.S. - Mom your are amazing! Thank you so much for being willing to come up here and dog/house sit for us on your weekend. We really appreciate it. (I'm glad it worked out for you too; you needed the space and time to get some grading done.)

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