The second half of life..

By twigs

The fun after the storm

It rained overnight some more. I felt sorry for the cats and let 2 of them sleep inside so was woken around 3.00am when one wanted to go out. Still raining.

Woke around 8.00 . . . . enjoyed the fact it was Friday and I could roll over and take an extra 10 minutes. An hour and a half later I was woken by an insistent knock on my front door. A man from the council telling me they'd be investigating the broken water pipe. Turns out the culprit was a mix of the wind and the roots of the tree on the verge next door.

The tree was systematically reduced branch by branch to just a trunk then felled across the road. Impressive skills from the team. And a very considerate gesture from the council too who had delivered a water tanker for anyone affected by the lack of water whilst they downed the tree.

Managed to squeeze my car round the debris and headed into town (I'd left my rain jacket at yesterday's appointment). On the return the beach was an impressive sight......

Waves (Tahuna beach only "does" waves when there are storms!) plus high tide had brought out the surfers, the body-boarders, the kayakers and the paddle boarders. If you look you'll see the debris from the storm strewn along the high-tide mark. Had I used adifferent image you would also have seen a lot of spectators who (quite sensibly I thought) chose to watch the fun from the relative dryness of the beach. Yes - it really was the place to be.......until the rain started to fall again, dispersing the spectators back to their cars.

More rain forecast for tonight, though the winds have definitely - thankfully - subsided.

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