By ninniex

Yallingup 7.30am

You would NOT believe the wave this morning. We heard there was to be a 4 metre swell so I went down to the main break early this morning? It was awesome! The waves were enormous. A friend of our who is a good surfer said there was no way he would venture out there. I have plenty of better pics which need editing or cropping but with no wifi or computer, this is all we get! No edits, no crops, no sharpening, no colour enhancement :(. Just straight from the ipad.....
Sigh........oh well, I was lucky enough to see some AMAZING rides :)

I have just added a couple of pics to my blipfolio - I could have baked a cake in the time it took to download 2 images. I'm at my daughter's using her wifi but its sooo slooow I am about to give up!

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