Green Broad beans - Local and seasonal

Get some very fresh broad beans. If necessary go to the orchard where they are grown and buy some even if you have to wait for the farmer to collect them. (This is exactly what we did this morning!!)
Peel the beans.
Slice some fresh onions very thinly and fry them slowly in olive oil. - some cured ham is optional, but if you like it, add it now.
Add the beans, some salt and parsley and fry them slowly. Cover the pan if necessary if you do not wish to add too much olive oil. In this way, they will be half boiled and half fried.
Do not stir them too often or they will break into pieces. It is better to move the pan.

Wait until they are soft and a bit brown, not as green as they appear in my photo. I took it when I had just put the beans into the pan.
And finally, serve them with fried eggs or they just can go with some meat or fish!
Buen provecho!!

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