Posh bike bits

Not at work today, so didn't have to do anything in particular today. After breakfast a friend called and wanted to know if I wanted to pop over for a chat and a cuppa.

After doing some coding I ambled over, taking my camera with me. I spotted a pair of duelling red kites but the lens on my compact isn't long enough to resolve anything more than a tiny silhouette.

My mate was finishing of servicing a bike, so after that was packed away we had tea and a chat. I blipped these fancy Shimano Dura-Ace brake callipers he's going to put on his road bike. We then had a look at his Nikon camera that won't turn on since being dropped onto a carpeted floor - the firmware is okay as it still talks to gphoto2, but there is a problem with manual power button as nothing happens when you press it...

After the tea had gone down we went back to the workshop and my antique bike was on the rack for a strip-down and rebuild. It really was built with the lowest quality parts imaginable, which is a shame as the frame is actually nice and light-weight and it rolls on roads very well. My mate will rebuild it with a mix of brand new (cheap) and second-hand parts to give me a spare bike to knock about on when I'm not on the road or hybrid.

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